Why is my ex girlfriend being so mean to me?

I dated this girl for 5 months and she went on a school field trip that I could not attend and while she was on the trip she dumped me while she was on it. Did it over text... But the thing was she didn't even seem that upset about the whole thing and that was one of the worst parts. But I asked her could we maybe still try to be friends? And she said yes that we can so I felt a little better about the whole thing but after she got back she had really changed. I had two classes with her and she started sitting really close to me and started talking to all of my best friends in that class and would just ignore me and wouldn't say a word. This went on for a while, everyday she would sit in front of me and tease me I guess you could say. The last week of school I heard this rumor that one of my friends liked her and I didn't really care but on the last day someone told me he was going to ask my ex out. So I was like okay you moved on really quickly but whatever but he asked her and she said yes and the worst part was that they did it right in front of me for me to see. I found out that my best bud has been making out with her and the kid that asked her out is too (they broke up, lasted only 3 days) but I was still like okay. But the worst thing though is that she sends me pictures of her hanging out with my friends and it's all my friends pretty much that hang out with her. I'm not sending her pictures or anything. If I hangout with a girl though she automatically assumes I like this girl even if I'm just friends and she thinks I'm going to date her and that makes me really mad, but my question though is why is she being like this? Why is she sending pictures and being mean?


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  • Control, manipulation--

    Obviously your friends aren't very good friends if they're eating your leftovers, so to speak.

    She's being vindictive to have control over you, to know that she can piss you off and upset you. Because maybe you'll want her more since you were so mellow about the break up. Maybe she expected you to fight her on it and fight to have a relationship.

    Personally, cut her out of your life entirely, get better friends, and find a normal girl who doesn't need to control or manipulate you or date your friends when she's "done" with you.

    • Yeah you're right, looks like I need some new friends. I'm trying to get her out of my life but she'll use my friends snapchat account to send a picture she won't use hers. She'll send it directly to me just make sure I see it. I thought I could trust my friends but guess not. But I'll use your advice, thank you.

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  • You dated a real psycho my friend. Stay away at all costs. If she's that mean to you, she never really cared about you. Don't care about her. Don't be upset. Don't give her the satisfaction. She's not worth your time, or anyone's time if she's going to be like that. If she's going to be like that, she should be single for the rest of her life. I hate people that manipulate others.

    Your best bet is to ignore her and your dumb friends. Find your true friends, and be with them. Talking to your parents also helps a bunch. They make you feel a lot better, especially if they talk trash about her :)

    • Yeah she was a real psycho. I just didn't know that someone could change like that in 2 days. Cause she's been ditching her girl friends too just to hang out with my friends. The worst is that my friends are doing this. That's the worst to hear and see that. Thanks man for the help.

    • Yeah man. No problem. People that cross other people always get what they deserve. Just keep being a good person; that is all you can do.

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