Do you ever keep in contact with an ex for selfish reasons?

Have you ever broken up with someone but wanted to keep them close because of ego purposes or maybe just have a hard time completely letting them go?


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  • I keep in touch with an ex because I really like her (as a person, in a platonic way). We couldn't go on... but the friendship (and like) remains. Just no sex.

    • Did you break it off or did she? How long after you broke up were you able to be friends?

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    • That's nice. My ex of 6 mos broke up with me a month ago and is contacting me again ( I didn't do anything bad, they were for reasons similar to yours plus he is only one year divorced and having major financial problems- he is not in the headspace for a relationship). He was not nice about it though, it was very immature. Jealousy has spurred him into contacting me again and he is open to hanging out, saying it will be nice to see me. This is way too soon to be friends unless he is clueless and being an selfish ass...

    • Sometimes, I think, it's best to forgive. Anger and the quest for revenge hurts *us* from inside.

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  • Yes I did just to teach her a lesson and she daily used to ask me about my new gf she was burning jealous and that was the plan xD

    • Haha! I am doing the same thing to my ex and he is going crazy, emailing me/calling me. He's the one who dumped me so I am getting my sweet revenge. So good...

    • U rock dear let him burn ;)

  • I think we all have from time to time.


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