Have you ever broken up with someone that you really cared about?

Have you ever broken up with someone that you really liked and cared for (maybe even loved) but there were too many logistics and details that were causing a strain on the relationship that were preventing it from working? ( like distance). Meaning, nobody did anything bad, it was just bad timing or geography...


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  • Yes. I've dated several girls I really cared for but didn't love so broke up. Caring is not enough on its own to sustain a relationship in general you need to feel something more.

    • Have you ever realized after you broke up with a girl that you actually did love her but didn't recognize it?

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    • Reason I'm asking is because my ex of 6 months broke up with me and very coldly and harshly said he didn't love me and saw no future. He had just been so loving and affectionate two months prior that it came out of the blue. He is broke, lost his job and is only one year divorced so he wasn't ready for an emotional committment anyway. He said he did have feelings for me but one week prior to dumping me he said he wasn't feeling it anymore... a bit strange. Three weeks afterwards, he is now heavily contacting me again after two friends of his expressed interest in me and want to date me! He called me, emailed me on vacation to "check in" and see how things were going. Is interested in seeing me and hanging out. I'm confused...

    • Its a shame he left it until his friends were interested in you before he decided to come forward again. Sounds a bit to me that he doesn't really want you but doesn't want anyone else to want you. Basic insecurity and immaturity im afraid.

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  • yes and it was the worst mistake of my life


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  • Of course. I always really cared about my GFs


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