How do you get over someone you've had strong feelings for 3 years?

I just want to get this girl out of my head, she's been with me through all the issues of my life but now she found a boyfriend.

Everything I worked for, for 3 years is down to the drain. And now I'm ready to move on from the pain.


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  • Find someone new. Find a rebound


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  • Are you willing to give up? You can still choose to fight for her. Does she know how you feel? If not I suggest you telling her otherwise you will regret it. Even if she has a boyfriend she can still make the decision to break up and try things out with you. If you are willing to give up, it's going to get easier over time. But it's the easiest when you find another girl to like :)

    • Is it wise? Because I get the vibe that she won't be giving me a chance..

      How would I even do it?

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    • I don't think cliche is something to worry about. I think simple and straight to the point is fine. I doubt you'd seem creepy haha. I am sure she will respect you for telling her the truth!

    • Penee, I also can agree with that. But wouldn't it be worth letting his feelings be known? Even if it doesn't work out, at least he would have gotten that off his chest. I personally have regrets with not letting my feelings be known and moving on in my life that way. And it is much easier to get that off your chest because even if either way it would turn out the same (moving on), you would have been real and told the truth.

  • same thing happened to me!!! It was horrible I was heart broken... then I fell in with his best friend. I am the happiest I have ever been!!!


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