I don't understand why he won't give me my stuff back?

We broke up and he left me. No explanation but I assume it's because he found someone else. I asked politely twice and he said he doesn't have anything. I told him to check while I waited he came back two minutes later. And I knew he was lying. I remember I threw the ring he gave me and earrings at him while we last fought trying to work things out and he tucked it in his pocket. I know he knows I left my Nike running shoes, spare clothes, perfume, and bathroom products. Those were really expensive things and I kept asking for it but he kept saying "oh what things?" Really immature and stupid.


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  • Just let your things go. He doesn't want to give them back so just forget it and take the loss.

    • I can't lol Those things were highly expensive

    • I know and it sucks and he's an ass for not giving them back. But if I were you, I would rather move on and just take the financial lose :(

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