So in this crazy phase of rebound where anything is starting to look good?

I went through a bad experience with this girl I had been sort of dating and had feelings for , I really liked her and had known her for a long time. got majorly rejected a few weeks back and she is allready dating someone new and now i'm going through things and just starting to except the fact she is gone and that were not going to be together.

but now starting to go through some crazy rebound where like anything I see half descent at bar or where ever is starting to look good and I don't know what to do about this. if I should actually try and date one of these girls or if its a waste of time and I don't even like them enough to bother.

like yesterday was especially bad , at lunch saw this girl who works at burger place and for some reason she really turned me on. then later on in day became attracted to this server girl at dairy queen for some reason and both these girls were much younger than me. then at bar later at night things just seems to spiral downwards , first off I hit on this hostess girl I hadn't even meet before just cause I though she was attractive. then I ran into a girl I actually knew from before and she was with some gf's and I tried to talk to them but things were really weird and they got annoyed that maybe I was too interested in them and girl I knew might now have a bf. and then there was this blonde girl I had a thing for , have talked to her before but don't really know her and just like her body , tight and has really nice abs , I mostly just wanted to have sex with her and that didn't go anywhere and she got annoyed as well. and there might of been a couple other girls as well that night it was really off.

so yeah not sure what to do about things , feeling really sad about losing out on girl I was like in love with and wanted to get in a relationship with and now feel I'm just desperately seeking out any girl available and not sure where this is going?


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  • Give yourself a time off from girls and focus more on yourself, allow yourself to recover it's never a good idea to rush into a relationship after a break up

    • the problem is its summer here and that's when there is actually girls available like college girls home for summer or resort workers , I find once fall arrived they all go off to college and is like nothing around to even try and date. I live in a very seasonal area that's more busy during summer so if I wait there might not be anything around in a few months they'll be away at college or dating someone else

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    • I don't know pretty open to anything at the moment , the summer fling thing is common here as its a busy place during summer. it be common to have a summer fling with a girl. I do agree finding a serious relationship is not just for summer and a year round thing for that girl , she needs to be there all year not just a few months

    • I have nothing against summer flings. I just think its better for you to be emotionally ready before getting in a relationship. Like you said you feel" like desperately seeking out any girl available and not sure where this is going"

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  • I think you should relax and focus on your self because when you ate not looking thats when you find. Love your and that girl missed out in you not the other way around

  • Have you tried talking with the girl who got a way?

    • yes I tried to talk to her one night when I saw her at a party but she totally shot down the idea of having a serious conversation to me and basically told me drinking and partying that night was more important to her at that moment than talking to me about our problems and trying to fix things. so yeah not exactly left with many options with her

    • Maybe it's a difficult thing to talk about, and that night she just wanted to cast it aside and enjoy your company may be that night,... you men be so fast to right us off

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