Have you ever tried to reconnect with an ex years later to see if you made a mistake?

Have you ever broken up with someone, not because of anything bad (lived too far apart, going through a bad divorce, etc) and wondered years later, after dating strings of losers and psychos, if you made a mistake, that maybe the timing was bad? Have you ever tried to reconnect with that person to find out?


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  • For sure, It happens all the time. But it usually never works out and I'll tell you why. The reason why things are never the same with that person is that, the version of the person you have in your head (the person you fell in love with) isn't necessarily the same version of the person you come back to find. Life moves forward; relationships, friends, and experiences, basically all the shit that happen in between, changes them. And more importantly changes you.

    You said it best yourself. The timing wasn't right. Although they were great, it just simply wasn't meant to be. Enjoy the moment you had with that person. Take what they have taught you about yourself and look for someone that fits you needs in the present. I digress.


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  • I never have but I don't think its a good idea. I didn't really reconnect with mine years later he came to me and i got back together with him after 5 months of contact. Which was a really big mistake and I should've just kept moving forward but instead got hurt. But I've healed now and got over him. He just changed into a person I'd never though he'd be. You have this person in your head that you think is the love of your life but in reality you see that they have changed and aren't that same person anymore.


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