I dumped my boyfriend... was I wrong?

So in 2010 we went out for about a month. I dumped him last time, and since then he's been chasing me down, Facebook messaging me and trying to get back together. he was a good boyfriend... then.

we get back in contact and a few phone conversations later, he asks me out and i agree. i put it on facebook. here's what threw me off. okay i understand he works 8 am-8pm everyday and not Sunday but a week went by and he did not even try to see me. his first excuse was that "his hair was not cut" when i always (annoyingly because he would ask so fucking annoying) send him pictures of me (clothed and just the face) when i didn't have make up on... like i couldnt sit in my fucking house without being asked for a picture. then he eventually asked for nudes. it happened something like this

me: omg im so sad my team colombia lost]
him: send me nudes..
me: im going to cut the cake the whole familys here
him: cool send me nudes

are you kidding? have you no respect..
and we started off with my birthday was going to be about going to the poconos then spending the night and he somehow got it to be about his car "breaking down" and we would walk around my town if he took the train...

i could no longer take it and then dumped him...

he says he was going to make it up and he suddenly made plans to go down the shore and kept begging and calling me... and saying i was wrong.. am i?

he was like if i wasn't serious about your birthday i wouldn't have bought you this teddy bear..

im like oh shove it...


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  • He is rude. Let someone else deal with his lack of manors.


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