How long does it take for an ex to miss you and or regret?

Me and my ex had a bond and out if no where he started messing with some girl right after I feel like that's rebounding but as the saying goes never leave the one you love for the one you like and wasn't nothing wrong with how we were I was his rider his main he was good he wasn't perfect and now he's showing This girl a lot of attention putting on for Facebook smh I mean if he admitted he was sorry or wrong or whatever I'll appreciate that but now he's all good acting like life is good life is good by why did he have to let a good faithful girl go? I would never wish bad on him it's just he don't feel bad? I really love him and of course I would give him a second chance not now when he proves it but smh it was two years with us.. Don't you think it's rebounding someone right after you let your gf, rider, wife, main go? It sucks and I'm not suppose to be feeling bad he does smh I don't want them to work out I'm not trying to be mean but I gave him my all and it's like why did you hurt me after everything? I don't understand why he moved on so fast like I do want him back im just confused I helped him with music college I was there and now some chick that he crushed on now gets his attention why do guys do that? Smh


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  • He's "moved on". I put the quotes cause he hasn't really moved on, he's just using her to compensate for your role. She's a rebound. Now why he left you in the first place, I have no idea. Only he knows that.

    As for him looking happy all over Facebook, that doesn't mean anything. He could be putting on a show. Sometimes if we trick people into thinking we're okay, we can actually start to believe it ourselves.

    • You right and I saw him take pics down I her like I that's your new crush or whatever why you deleting the pics I mean I'm trying not to he stalkerish lol but I feel like he still care for me and to hop on someone else fast seem a kinda childish smh

    • It is kinda childish.

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