I'm really starting to miss him but at the same time, I'm not?

I met this guy this past April. It was at a dance and we were both guests. I was with some friends since it was my previous schools prom and he was with his friends sister just to be nice. well she was friends with one of my friends so we just all hung out. Me and this guy talked the most out of everyone else that night.. together, i mean. We really got to know each other. we talked and danced until it ended at midnight then we all went bowling. even then, we talked the most! We got along so well. we met around 10 pm and went our separate ways about 4:30 am. so we definitely spent a lot of time together and getting to know each other.

by the way, he had already graduated. he's 20 and im 17. my mom even said i could go out with him. since we got along so well, i figured id ask him to hang out. i did it over facebook. we planned on going ice skating. however, we never finalized the plans so nothing ever happened. that was all in April. well ill see that he's online and i kind of hate him for not going through with anything. i mean he just stopped replying. now he almost got married last year and went through this huge break up with his ex fiance so I've cut him some slack. Now, i just really miss him. we had such a good time and i just wish we couldve continued our relationship. ill even be out with friends and see someone who resembles him and ill get so excited to see "him" but then it isn't and i get really sad.

I have such mixed feelings about him. on one hand, im pissed we never went out but then again, i miss him so much and i really started to like him! should i just keep my distance since he basically stood me up once or maybe try messaging him again and just talk? I really dont know... :[


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  • You should message him saying "To be honest, i miss you. We had such a good time at the prom and i just wish we couldve continued to a relationship".

    • That is perfect! I might change it a little but that sounds perfect; because it's true! Thanks

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    • Thank you for MH

    • You're welcome!

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  • Ha you must be white, prom hook ups and bowling

    • I'm actually hispanic. There was only one white girl in our entire group, actually.

    • White, Hispanic same thing ;)

    • Oh no no no! haha

  • It's easy, you have the doozy dontzies. To cure this find the hottest guy you see and tell him that you are his new gf and if he doesn't comply tell him that you know how to use an ak 47 and you know where all his family lives. All I am saying is move on and don't be such a flip flopper.

    • I was trying to move on! But I never stopped thinking about him

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    • Thanks. You too

    • :)

  • i vote B, tell him how you feel and what you want from him

    • Really? You don't think he just didn't like me? Because I don't want to bother him, either.

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    • if thats your personality than use it

    • okayy.. I'll wait until he's online again...

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  • I think that you should message him again, but if he doesn't reply or is really blunt.. maybe he just doesn't feel the same way about you as you do for him? If that is the case then you probably should forget him because he isn't worth your time.
    So message him again then see what happens! :)

    • Yeah if this second time doesn't go well, I'm done with him for sure. What should I say though? The last message I sent him was "Hey so when are we gonna go?" Quite and awkward place to leave off...

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    • Oh yeah, you're right. just ask him how he has been considering you haven't spoken to him in a while. Then go into how you have been meaning to ask him if he wants to just meet up with you, but not as a date or anything.. because you don't want to scar him away or rush things. :)

    • Yeah that's for sure! Ill try it out, thanks :)

  • I wouldn't because he's obviously wasn't worried about you if he was about to get married and you just talking is just going to make you catch feelings and get hurt again and you said he stopped replying anyways your a pretty girl just find someone else who's better and lc are about you and only you 👌

    • Well he almost got married last year. They broke up in November i think so everything was still pretty fresh

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