Why would she do this to someone she "loves"?

My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday she said she still loves me she got a call from her ex and she realized she still had feelings towards him and didn't think it was fair to be with me too everything was fine then just out of nowhere she doesn't think we should be together even though her ex used to beat her she's also bipolar and hasn't taken her medication in a few days is it possible not taking her meds have fucked with her head?


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  • Possibly but girls can do all of that without being bipolar. They are very unpredictable

    • She said she hasn't taken her meds in a couple days but says thats not the problem

    • I don't think its the problem either

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  • This girl doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'love'. Bascially she prefer her ex over you and is quite prepared to break up with you in order to get back with her ex and if I was you, I'd just cut her off because I can see things going pear shaped with her ex and then she'll come running back to you begging for a second chance.


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  • This girl doesn't care about you. I think she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, but it's obvious she already did. Keep your distance.


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