Can a guy not care about his own baby?

The father of my daughter separated after I was 3 months pregnant left me alone in the pregnancy. He blames me says I ruined his life. I told him it's better if he stays away from his daughter. My question is... can a father of a baby really be okay with not seeing his own baby have no emotion no feelings not even care? He says maybe when he sees her he'll feel something different. He's also been holding off on giving me my divorce and bringing me my things I had left at his apartment. Why is it so hard for him to get things done and over with?


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  • 1. It's not about gender, it's about individuals
    2. Yes there can be people that way and worse, that's life & the world :)
    3. I don't get to see my daughter for months at a stretch. Last I saw her was on Dec 01 :) I call her like 5/6 times a day. I know the possibilities & things that occur / happen but I choose to keep quiet else the ruckus will make my daughter's life miserable. I'd rather she has one end of the story & believes it than keep rocking her boat all the while with conflicting stuff just to show her that I love her etc
    4. So it's ok we all have our situations and unfortunately you have this one :)
    5. It's not easy for everyone to go forward with a divorce and stuff, they find it very stressful. He's probably stuck up with something in his head which is why he doesn't come see his child. It will become more difficult for him if he does - that's what I think :) I stay w/o seeing my daughter for almost a year or even more but that doesn't mean I don't feel for her, I do. I don't say the same is with him but divorce and stuff is an emotionally draining situation that most people shy away from. Maybe he's expecting something - don't know what

    • He wants a DNA. I fine with it I have nothing to hide. His brother and brothers friends trash talk about me but I'm not that girl they put me out to be his brother winks at me never mentioned it didn't want conflict but I don't see how he can't put it together that their jealous because he was happy with me everyone in his family loved me but his troubled brother

    • I'm due in 30 days with his daughter

    • Get him a DNA alright but in court and then I'm happy his child won't see him again ever. Get good maintenance and be history to him - good for you and the child

      I wink too alright and quite a bit I must say but never has that ever had a sexual overtone to it :)

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  • Definitely. Some guys really don't give a shit about their kids. My father certainly didn't, I've only seen him 3 times in my life and received no support from him whatsoever.
    With the whole delaying the divorce thing, he might be enjoying upsetting you.


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  • IT has nothing to do with him being a guy. There are disgusting and horrible people in the world. Some people are not ever meant to be parents. I have seen women that are just the most horrible people in the world... my ex's father was one of those gross people. never cared about his kids. never a birthday card or call, never a card or call when the graduated from high school or college or married. it was horrible.

  • Yeah there are men who have no problem having little or nothing to do with their child's/children's lives and I hold those men in the lowest possible esteem imaginable.

  • Hi, there are peculiar persons, U and me cannot imagine. As a father of the baby, he should take care of U, love U and welcome the baby to this planet !

    • He doesn't want to says maybe for every thing give me false hope

  • This guy sounds like a work of art. I'd say hire a good family law lawyer file for divorce. Also file for child and spouse support.

    • I already am he doesn't care said he will pay

  • depends from a guy to another.

    • What do you mean by that?

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    • maybe he's considering leaving you.
      i don't really know , i've never been in a relationship. i'm just saying if a man could care about his children

    • That's funny he's already left

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