Confused on what he wants when he's getting married?

This guy and I dated four years ago and he's engaged now. It broke my heart to hear it from my friends a part of me wished it was me. Everyone said it wouldn't even work it because she's not his type. I never had contact with him but all of a sudden he came back. My friend told me he asked her why I wasn't with her at the fair. She posted a bunch of pictures on her Facebook and he messaged her. I mean yes it was kind of strange I wasn't there since her and I do everything together. But he shouldn't be so worried since he's getting married right? We haven't spoke for four years. So she replied that I was sick with the flu and on top of that I broke my leg (dance injury). He told her that he should be there for me since no one else would.
Which explained why he showed up at my door I was kind of shocked to see him but kind of happy. I did yell at him for all those missed years but he just stood there saying he knows and he was very sorry. He helped me to my room or practically carried me (my rooms upstairs but I've been sleeping on the couch). It felt like we picked up where we left off but it felt wrong since he was getting married. We spent a lot of days together and he wants me to begin physical therapy to get me back on my feet and that he will pay. When I told him he should go and this was wrong he just said that I needed him. I asked if he still had feelings for me and he weaseled around it. I did some investigating from his friend and he said his fiancé and him have been fighting a lot and he's been second guessing it saying maybe I'm the one he should marry? I can't walk away obviously. I've tried to remind him of his fiance but he just brings up past memories. I did find it a bit weird that he probably was watching me from my friend's Facebook.


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  • He is being very selfish. He needs to man up and have the balls to end it with his fiancee instead of going behind her back and getting all emotional with you. Be friendly but for your own sake don't let it go any further before he has ended their relationship, otherwise worst case scenario he marries her anyway and breaks your heart, or he cheats on het with you and youget the blame for the fall out

    • He's wanted to go farther but I repeatedly said no. I can't walk away I would if I could and I'd definitely slap some sense into him if I could stand without crutches

    • Good for you, seriously dobt let him manipulate your emotions. If he did that to me it would make me very angry

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