Broke up with my ex fiance about 4 months ago now he has a girl he said he loves me and he wants me back but he won't leave her I don't know why?

so it's been 4 months since i broke up with my ex fiance i was with him for 3 and a half years he now. Has a new girl he lives an hour away from me now and he recently came to visit me we hanged out and i asked him if he still loves me and. He said yes then i told him then why dont you leave her if you still love me he gave me this weird excuse sayin that his curent girlfriend mom is super nice to him and he had a bond with the mom he lost his mom 2 years ago what i am trying to ask is why won't he leave her i don't get it i tested his emotions by me giving him his engagement ring not mine his he closed his eyes and made a face i wanna cry but he didn't then he got it out it on his right hand next to the pinky and sleep with it even when he left he took it and when we talk he giggels a lot and flirts i just dont get it i actually stoped talking to him so he can think last thing i did was give him that ring


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  • He doesn't sound mature at all, 'bonding' with a mother figure, sleeping with the ring. Be glad he's not wasting your time any longer after 3 1/2 years. One of you and maybe both were too young for a lifetime commitment!


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  • I think that he is in that relationship for the wrong reasons, and that he genuinly misses you. But cheating on his girlfriend is not ok and definitely bad karma for any future relationship you might have.

    Be honest and tell him that you still love him, but that you will never share him. If he wants to be yours he can, but HE has to make the decision. In the mean time, let him boil on that and live your life as if he were never coming back.


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  • It's a booty call... tell him to be single a while then you can talk. Don't be the other woman... my advice move on and maybe he will grow up someday.


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