Why did my ex text me and ask me this?

My ex texted me on the 4th of July and asked what kind of plans I had and if I had a date. Why would he want to know that?


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  • Depends on how things have ended and where things are with you two. If you both are on good terms and there is a possibility of a reconciliation, then I would say he wants to be your date :)

    But if he is a dog and just wants some booty, it would have been a booty call. Maybe a girl he was trying to get with made other plans when she saw though his game.

    Sounds to me like he wants to see you. You have to trust your instincts on this one!

    • Well... things did NOT end on a good note. We have been off and on for MANY years. He has told me there is NO chance for reconciliation. So, I was confused by his texts. I don't know what he's thinking at this point. We have been broken up for close to a year. Maybe it took this amount of time to realize that NO ONE will ever take my place. Idk... or he could just want SEX... haha... thanks for responding.

    • Update... my ex came to see me on Saturday. Told me he is having an affair with a married coworker. Her husband found out and kicked her out. She is now living with my ex. How nice!!! That makes it even more fu@$ed up that he's contacting me. Ugh!!!

    • Wow, I am so sorry this is happening to you! I think it's best then to let this guy go. If he is going to cheat and screw around on you, then he's not worth your time. You deserve a guy who values you and won't play around on the side. Definitely sounds like he is just trying to get some booty, or at least have you while he has other girls on the side. He's absolutely pathetic! Ugh!! Some people eh? I would basically just ignore his messages, don't talk to him and let him go.

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  • Cuz he was trying to see if A) you were dating someone else and/or B) you would consider being his date

    • I wish I thought that's what it was... Idk... thanks for your thoughts.

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