My ex is really confusing me and I'm not sure what to think, please help?

After 3 weeks of NC, I texted my ex and told her I missed her. She said she missed me in her life and blah blah blah. We have talked for a few days now but not really about us too much but that is because I told her I wanted to talk about it in person and she agreed to it. While talking, it feels as if everything is going back to normal. But the past two days have been different. She has been really flirty, she has acknowledged that she can tell I've changed and that people have told her I have, and she even asked if I hooked up with any guys during these 3 weeks. I didn't ask and she even told me she made out with a guy two times.. She said she told me because she didn't want me to find out later and get mad. This actually kind of made me upset but I know I can't get mad because we weren't dating. I sent her a text apologizing for not treating her how she deserved to be treated while we were dating and she replied with "I really cannot wait to see you now after reading that". I also said that I think I can prove her doubts wrong about getting back with me and she told me she hopes that I can. But then last night she told me not to expect anything from hanging out, she just wants to see me and go from there possibly. I feel like she is just trying to keep her guard up and not give me a definite answer yet, but I feel like she really is giving me signs that she wants to get back with me. I am really confused by all of this and I don't really know what to think, all help will be appreciated! :)


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