Having a hard time dealing with ex being with another guy?

I guess this is a normal part of the break up process where each moves on to another person. I realise if I'm not dating her , she being a good looking girl is going to find someone else. its just it was such a miserable break up and I liked her so much she was someone special. I saw her and new guy last night at this bar I like to go to , she didn't even say hi and it was so upsetting to see them together cause I had wanted to take her to that same club when we were an item but it never happened , it was something I really wanted to do and she would of had fun with me but instead she's there with another guy. I just feel like I went through all this pain and heartache over her for nothing if she's just going to leave to be with him.
I don't know how I'm suppose to deal with this and feel good about things. I realise she doesn't want to date me and I should try and date another girl but that doesn't help me feel better or such.


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  • You're not over her so of course those things are going to hurt you.
    Only time will allow your wounds to heal.
    You will eventually find another girl... but you have to get over her first.


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  • It's part of life. Move on to someone else. It will take your mind off of your ex.

    • I have tried to meet some other girls but it hasn't gone that well and being a small town a lot of the girls I meet knew ex or connected in some way. and she didn't really have good things to say about me and they sort of knew I liked her and might not of though I really liked them or ready to move on

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  • Every time you think about her, stick a pin in a doll with her face pasted on it. After a while, you'll no longer think about her except as a voodoo doll, and then you'll be free of this heartache.


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