Why is he calling me days after he dumped me?

My BF of 7 months dumped me a week ago for no specific reason. I was blindsided and upset. Less than a week later, he called me and wanted to "have coffee and hang out", that it would be really great to see me. He kept starting to say something a few times and when I would say "Uh, hello, spit it out" he would say "never mind". Them he texted me over the next few days for bogus reasons to make contact. Aside from maybe wanting sex (we live far from each other anyway), wtf?


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  • Regrets. If it hurts too much then leave but if you can deal with being hurt again I say try to forgive him and try again. I know everyone and there mom says don't talk to your ex but I don't like that advice. If you still like the guy then he's not your ex you're just two people with an unresolved conflict and conflict is good for relationships especially resolved conflicts. But once again never go back if it makes you uncomfortable or if you still hold any contempt towards him.

    • I do really like him but he hurt me. He also got jealous I think because one if his guy friends asked him if he could take me out. So you think he's making attempts to feel me out, to see if I would give it another shot? He won't come out and say it though. I hope he's not playing with me..

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    • You're awesome, thank you! It's true, when you feel vulnerable you become afraid that the other person has ulterior motives but ultimately, it ends up being exactly what you originally thought. I am on vaca right now and he just emailed me to see how it's going... so I think he's sincere.

    • Glad I could help :)

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  • being as boy this is the our bloody nature...
    we don t have care for our dudes treat and consider them as pack...
    and when ever we have break up we start thinking them...
    then dude is in heart and mind each and every moment and even feel jealey if ever she talk with any one,,,


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