Was my ex wrong? Why would he let me go for a crush?

Basically I dated this local rapper and we were 2-3 years strong we had ups and downs we wouldn't talk for a couple days to a week and as always he came back we loved eachother I was there for him through EVERYTHING I helped him through college I supported him through it all struggles etc basically a few weeks ago he said we not on the same page and that was stupid because during that week we was good both looking for jobs I had just seen him and we was okay so I was confused in still confused so of course I called and called trying to figure out why? I didn't beg for him to take me back I was basically reminding him how much I was there for him all these years so right after he pushed me away he started talking to some girl right away he lusting for her crushing putting up a front on Facebook about her but then takes the posts down like why would you let someone who's been there for you through it all for a crush? I don't understand why because we've been through worst and he's always came back and we got right like it's been 4-5 days since I contacted him and I'm not like he's really fucking up now like I want him to realize what he did and how much he's wrong I still love him and I feel like there's still hope for us but after two years and some moths I know he ain't just gone let that go away after all we been through like he rushed into that other girl they can't possibly work out it hurts a little bit but I can get through the day but smh man I really love him and I know he still should care like he always doing stupid silly stuff it's like after everything you really think that other girl gonna hold you down love you like I did? Why do men well some do that to good faithful girls? I really want us to work I want him to atlest realiz how wrong he was an be a man smh it sucks man cuz nothing was wrong with us I can see if there were signs or something but we was just going good then he turns away for some girl he's been crushing on smh I don't get it


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  • Im sorry but he doesn't care anymore, at one time he probly did, he probly kept on gong back and forth on whether or not he liked you enough to stay with you, then only stayed because he need someone to support him not a lover. Males are confusing and they never understand there own feelings, he was probly using you as leverage and didn't even realize it. But there is a possibly he unsure of his feeling for you, so you gotta make him jealous find someone else and posts lots of pics with you on Facebook and if he loves you he'll be crawling back to you and if he doesn't move on he is not worth it.


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