Was it a bad idea I told him I love him?

So this guy broke it off with me, I was pretty upset because I have strong feelings, like extremely strong. I'm in love with this guy even if he didn't feel the same. anyway i told him that I love him... after he broke it off, not because I want him to change his mind. but because thats what I really felt before it's too late, now its been almost 2 hours and he hasn't responded back. Did I scare him off? was it a bad idea?
** Were not in a relationship, we were just dating.


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  • Move on. He already broke it off, it won't change his mind. Believe me. If he is really interested, he won't break it off in the first place. An interested guy won't let his girl feel bad.


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  • You had nothing to lose when saying that to him. I think its over though.


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