I broke up with my guy, but we still love each other?

I was with a guy for a year and 8 months, throughout we both told lies but didn't come out til a big fight. He's 29, I'm 23, I asked him about moving in together while we both live with our parents, he got mad said I was pressuring him. That night he ignored me and got drunk, ignored me the next day saying he needed his space. I respected it. 3 days later we met up, and talked coming clean about everything, he went home and told his mom everything she then came to talk to my mom saying crap about me. I thought it was childish. I broke up with him. We still talk daily, once in awhile say I love you, and bring up memories. We work together so we see each other daily. I'm still in love with him and he admits he still loves me but he felt I was pressuring him. But why would he get mad about things from the past? Why did he bring it up when I was just talking about moving in together? Since were still good friends, were planning a date. Is that smart? Should I go? What do I do? Help!!
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  • You both love each other and I don't see any signs of an abusive or unhealthy relationship so why not? Sounds like you guys just have some issues to work through, but still want to be together.

  • i say sure go ahead. just as you both learn from your past mistakes


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