My ex wants me to be his friend but acts like we are together when I see him whats going on?

As above mentioned I don't know what to do he keeps telling me to be his friend.. I said well what would that prove he said "you are there for me.. trustworthy" (I broke his heart before but now he's talking to some other girl but still we are seeing each other from time to time) I don't know what's going on any advice wld be great


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  • Well one thing he's still seeing you & now he's asking you to be a friend since you know him for awhile & you accepted the offer for being his friend, If a woman breaks me I would leave & don't call at all. My advice is that when he's seeing other girl you should move on & try to do the same don't get be around his relationship if he needs you just talk on the phone

    • That's what I mean tho usually exs cnt stand each other anymore or have to separate but since we have been broken up we still end up in person like we are together.. I feel he wants me to be his friend to remind him I can be trusted again.. it's just hard when we both know him n I are more than just friends when we are around each other

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    • Question two :
      If he got upset forget him just leave him move on some guys can be very dangerous becarfull

    • We were together for a yr known each other for 2 and he tried to be with me for an entire year... r relationship is so wierd... when we are in the car last time he tried to hold my hand I said nope u cnt cross this line.. I said u want to be friends let me make this professional. He sighs.. and we end up holding each other kissing etc

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