Do exes ever come back? My ex left me pregnant!?

My partner of 3 years recently left me when I was 2 months pregnant, I'm now 5 months along. He left me for a girl much younger than him, and ever since they got together she's put a wedge so we can't have any contact even in regards to baby.
For the first month after he left he would tell me he missed me and things weren't good with them and he was having regrets and since she's moved in with him I haven't heard a word from him and she spends all day flaunting their relationship constantly putting photos of them both all over Facebook and talking about their future, and she has put me down to so many people. I don't understand why he left, we have a daughter too and we both worked hard, had a nice home etc and now he's living with his mother and she lives there too and they're both unemployed. The last thing he said before changing his number and blocking me on Facebook was that he will contact me when baby is due and he wants nothing to do with me, yet he's the one that cheated and left me.
It hurts me a lot because we never really put up photos of us together etc well I didn't feel the need to, I was secure in our relationship well I thought I was, and they just look so happy and it kills me thinking some nasty homewrecker is getting away with it. Does karma really come around? Has anyone had exes that have left them for someone else then wanted them back?


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  • It sounds like he's regretting the decision and the other girl knows it, that's why she's trying so hard to show u what a good time they are not having. all the effort to block you out. What they have doesn't sound genuine at all. You have a child and another one on the way. That's something she can't get rid of. Its always a bummer to be apart of someone else learning curve.
    sounds like she is wearing the trousers at the moment. When she's bored she'll just do it to someone else.
    he does need a good slap in the chops to wake him up that's for sure. Don't let him get away with it, if it were me id have to do something. You deserve better and your children deserve a father, preferably there own.

    • Thank you, that helped alot!
      He said he was having regrets at the start but every time I tried contacting him after they moved in together he would block me. One time he answered my call and said how sorry he was for hurting me then he said "she's coming I gotta go" and hung up then that day his number was changed. He's told people I'm apparently a psycho and all this nonsense and when he tells people how great she is, what do you think?

    • he's told you he's sorry directly, its not heatsay. Ignore the i heard this from this person kinda talk. Don't listen to anything unless you hear it from him directly. Its all hot air and other peoples bullshit. People don't like it when others have a deep bond built in family. She really doesn't like you and is playing a nasty game. he's still a dick remember, but doing something for the better of the children is not a bad thing. I can see you still love him. Men can be very dumb sometimes. Blessing and a curse usually the later 😊

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  • I hope you don't want him back, sincerely.


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  • I can't relate to your ex, I wouldn't leave a girl I got pregnant. I you should move on and try to find someone who will respect you.


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