Hey guys... is it really killing if I wanna send my exbf bday gifts?

so i dated this guy (Rohan) for two years.. both were insanely in love. long distance me in mumbai n he in pune.. last year on his bday v had a fight n i left pune broken frm inside.. we dint breakup dat day bt frm inside i had lost it completely... that was the last i saw him... afta that i met this other guy (nikshay) n he was really caring... he did everything fo me... so i fell fo him.. n double dated... eventually rohan found out and he brokeup never to interfer again. I m at fault... bt den my situation at that point was vulnerable. i miss him lots n hav no intrest in anybdy for a serious love matter.. m still dating nikshay.. hez a gud guy.. bt my mind still stuck on rohan.. his bday is comming on 18july.. i wanna really do something fo his bday... mayb keep it anonymous.. bt den m scared what will he react.. hasn't spoken to me den and i guess he hasn't moved on either... its the same day everything was messed.. cn i try to make stuff ryt? if yes any suggestions? thanku in advance


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  • Make things right by getting back together or telling him that you're sorry?

    • i m shure nthing is gonna get better... i noe him way to well fo that... i jus wished..

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