How to deal with seeing your ex?

My ex broke up with me early August. How do I go about dealing with the fact that I see him almost everywhere? I'm not the one at fault for the break up, but my confidence has been shot through the heart.


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  • Just ignore him. Unless you want to end up talking or somehow get roped into an attempt at fixing the old relationship, just ignore him.

    • i'm not the type to go back. It just my confidence gets shot and I feel worthless. I still feel like its my fault, even though I know it's not. I realize now that I'm a decently attractive girl, however I feel awful after seeing him. And it's hard to ignore when he's already talking to other girls.

    • If he is the cause of the break up then he isn't worth your thoughts. Who cares if he is talking up someone else. He doesn't matter anymore.

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