Does "I just need space" after a break up mean there is never going to be a chance?

My best guy friend and I dated for almost 6 months before we were officially together for a month. We were friends a year before we realized we both had feelings for each other.

He broke up with me because he isn't ready for a relationship and he wants to focus on God (he's struggling a lot with stress at his new job and figuring out whether to go to college or wait a year, just stuff at home). Well he hardly ever spent any time with me so it was best we broke up. He told me he still has feelings for me, he still sees we could be together in a month or year or two later. Supposedly he told his family he would marry me one day.
The first few days we broke up, he would text me and snapchat me, we barely talked about what happened. The only time we talked about it is when I asked if he meant when he is ready to date that he will pursue me before anyone else..

It's been a week since we broke up, and I tried to not talk to him or anything. We see each other 3 times a week at church and when our friends hangs out. He won't talk to me when he sees me yet I heard him say yesterday morning to our friends that I never text him back the other day. Well, I ended up texting him later saying I wasn't avoiding or ignoring his text, I just need me and God time and if he wants to talk he can come talk to me and that I hope we can talk soon. Well, later I was with his sisters last night and he text me saying, "I just need space."

Does this mean a bad thing that he wants space? I mean, I haven't really talked to him. I would always wait for him to text me and take my time to respond (if i responded) I may of snapped him too much but its out of habit. I still have feelings for him, I would love to be with him again whether its a few months or a year later... I have shown that I am happy and such. I didn't beg for him or anything. In fact, many of our friends said I am handling this so well. Oh and he still likes all my stuff on any social media...

Any thoughts?


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  • I disagree, by what you've said, I think it's clear he still likes you. I would recommend you end the silence sooner rather than later, or you might miss your chance. Just message him saying something along the lines of "I still want to be with you, if you want time to figure things out, I am able to wait. I just want to be sure you feel the same?"

  • He seems confused, like his not ready for a serious thing yet. Just take time and don't look for him. Give him the space he needs if he truly care for you he will come back. It's not fair for you to just sit there and wait for his attention. He's probably not ready for a relationship.


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