I need help. Is my ex interested again?

About two weeks ago I saw my ex for the first time in about a couple of months, I saw him at a club we used to go to. I usually see him around because I'm friends with his sister. He was flirting away with me and we danced some of the night together. It was nice. Kinda reminded me of how I felt about him and still do feel about. Well anyways at the end of the night he kept asking why I never text him and talk to him, if I hated him (we used to argue a lot sometimes over stupid stuff he would do) He also mentioned he hates seeing me dance with other guys makes him jealous. At the end of the night I actually went to his house to 'hangout' if you get my drift. After he kept mentioning things in the past that happened with us like memories and things that happened between us. Well...

The next weekend I walked into him at another club. He was with his friends, I was with mine. We talked again joking and we began flirting, dancing again, rubbing my back etc. Just very affectionate. By the end of the night he mentioned that I never text him, or want to talk to him since last weekend when I stayed at his house. Also I didn't text or call him to see how he was doing one night when he had to work overnight (joking) I guess he thinks I don't care. I told him I do but I didn't realize he wanted to talk and that I was busy. I admit In our past relationship I never initiated texts as much as he did.. I didn't make as much effort. He kept telling me he's not gonna text first.

I see why he is saying this but if he really wanted to text me and let me know he's interested wouldn't he? Or is he waiting to see if I make an effort? Should I make an effort to text him? I do miss talking to him... hmm


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  • He likes you :)
    He wants you to make an effort.
    TEXT HIM!!!


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