I met up with my ex, bad move? anyone done this?

i met up with my ex today, we brokeup last month.

it was weird cause everything was the same... it felt like we didn't break up at all. he even picked me up?

i just, i dont know. like i feel like he still likes me but then i dont want to bring itup and be all weak and say im not over him. he gave me a hug when i left as well.

is this weird?


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  • If you guys broke up for real and its just being friends, I'd still give it some more time.

    But if you're still tinkering the edge of being broken up or patching back, its a bad idea.

    break up for a real reason... doesn't sound like a serious enough reason for you to avoid him totally.

    • I met up with him today, and I'm feeling ok. He broke up with me cause he says he couldn't juggle uni, friends work and me at the same time and would rather see me hurt now than later on

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    • explain

    • There is no such thing as not being able to juggle. Relationship can only be integrated into your life.

      It all boils down if he wants to, or if you're worth it or not.

      I'm just saying that if this girl is worth it for me, I'll make it work...

      if not, I'll just give a dogshit excuse like this one...

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  • I've done this with an ex.. it's hard to see them after breaking up.. but just remember, a month isn't long enough of a time for things to have changed enough for there to be a good reason to go back. Even if you wanted to, nothing would be different, you would have all the same problems. Stay strong, I know how difficult it is. It was the same with my ex, when I saw him, felt like old times, he was the same person I'd fallen in love with, but I decided it was too hard for me to keep seeing him so I stopped, and cut most communication.. Only you will know whats best for you, but make sure it's really what's best, and not just what's easy. Good luck!

    • thankyou. it just felt a bit funny how he picked me up and stuff... i thought ex's dont do that.. i just ahh i wish i never did it , i mean it was good seeing him and all but just worst for me. ugh

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    • holy shit 3 years, i feel likea gronk feeling like this after only 6 months. thats so good to hear, im so glad for you! dayum you strong woman. okay yeah good idea, thankyouuu so much foryour help you really helped me alot!! dw, you'll find the right man for you in the future :)

    • Haha yeah it was a crazy long time. But 6 months is big too, don't undersell it. :) But yes that's why I can say you will definitely get through this! Hard though it may be. :) It gets easier, and when it does, it feels sooo good! Promise. Thanks hun haha I'm sure you'll find yourself a great one as well :) I'm glad I could help! Message me if you ever need something else :)

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