Is he turning into a rebound or am I ready?

I dated a guy about a month and half ago. We were in a good relationship but it didn't ended well. We lasted about for a month but our parents were against it. So they broke us up. But now I might start to have feelings for this new guy however he doesn't know I exist yet. I'm planning to get to know the new guy but am I ready? I sometimes think about my ex before I go to bed and stuff. So is it too early to start something new? Is he turning into a rebound?


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  • sounds like you may be rebounding, you need to get yourself together before you start to stress yourself out for no reason. The new guy won't even have a chance on knowing what is going on, he will blame himself.


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  • I personally think it's too soon for you to get into another relationship. If you still think about him, you're not ready yet. It ended not to long ago too right? And it wasn't you two that decided to break it off, it was the parents, so the feelings don't just go away. Don't get into a relationship if it's not something you really want. It can cause damage to someone else who doesn't deserve it.


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