I'm trying to get my ex back and she is super confusing, please help?

My ex and I have been talking for a week after 3 weeks of NC. We agreed to meet up today. But a few days ago I told her I didn't want to because she was acting disinterested and like she didn't want anything to do with me. After that she got mad at me for saying a bunch of crap that made her miss me and she told me to forget her existence. Then last night she texted me saying she just wanted to be friends and nothing more. The things I said would not have made her miss me as a friend. There were times that she implied she more than likely wanted to try to fix things, saying things such as she hopes I would prove her doubts wrong and that she couldn't wait to see me! I am so confused and don't know what to do. Please help!


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  • She wants you to fight for her. To beg for her back and ask what you can do to be the "perfect" guy for her. she's testing you as messed up as it sounds haha. Or she really doesn't want to get back together but is leading you on for the ego boost.

    • But I don't know which one she wants... I know she will miss me again if I just go back to NC. I think she is afraid that I haven't changed like she wanted me too so she doesn't want to get back in a relationship with me right now. But I don't know how to prove it if she doesn't see me.

    • just tell her that you REALLY just need to see her to figure things out. And dont let her say no and when you see her just lay all your feelings out on the table. If you are willing no to go back to NC for her just let her know.

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