Did I do something wrong by going on this 4th of July trip? [My ex won't return my text after a conversation we had last Thursday night.]?

So, my ex and I broke up in late May. But, since then we have been texting off/on weekly. The plan was to have a face to face conversation once she returns to town.

Anyway, late last week I was invited on a trip to Austin for the 4th of July. I accepted because I haven't been anywhere this summer [in summer school]. I kind of had the feeling that my ex would text me during the trip or would make a comment about it. But, this bombshell shocked me. About two hrs into the drive I receive a text from her wondering what I'm up to. I explain to her I'm driving to Austin for the fourth. She replies "lol what?". Then proceeds to ask me "Why am I going to Austin" "Who am I going with" & "What will I be doing there". Keep in mind, that the people who invited me on this trip are mutual friends and I wasn't going to ATX to do anything sketchy.

Soon into the conversation she explains that she's had an extremely rough week and that she's been taking her aunt to cancer treatment & that her mother may have something wrong with her heart & stomach. I try to comfort her multiple times during this conversation. But, all I get in return is "You are going to party", "I don't want to be a damper on your party" etc.

During my two days in Austin I didn't text her. But, I noticed on instagram that she was 3 hrs away in DALs visiting her eldest sister w/ her mother!. She made no reference of this during our conversation and I was under the impression that she was still in Michigan.

So yesterday evening, I sent her a text saying "Hey, I've been thinking about you a lot lately. I know that our previous conversation was pretty intense. But, I think it's important that I tell you that I'm here for you if/when you need someone to confide in. I got no response back and I'm baffled at the moment. I think I took the highroad in not mentioning her lashing out at me or mentioning the fact that she was/is in Dallas the entire time


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  • You did nothing wrong. Tbh, to me it sounds like a typical "she's your ex for a reason". It was pretty damn weird of her to ask you all those questions when you're not even together anymore.

    • "she's your ex for a reason" situation*

    • Like I want to get back together with her and have tried to fix the situation between us. Even with many of the quirky things she has said and done this summer. It's pretty obvious that she is/was jealous by me doing something for the 4th. It's also obvious that our lack of communication over the past 6 weeks has made her bit ridiculous.

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