Why do exes just fall off the face of the earth?

It's been a 1+ year since the breakup or so and I was wondering why exes justleave their old life behind like that.

She just left the people she had been hanging out with for the last 5 years of her life and doesn't even talk to our mutual friends anymore.

Noone including me didn't do anything bad to her, so what's with all the weirdness?

Does anyone have any idea?


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    • lol jk.. but i've done that.. i just don't like any connection to my exes after the break up.. why would you.. or she could just have moved on with her life. just because she's not in yours dosent mean she dosent have one anymore...

    • Nah I'm not Mark, I'm from the Netherlands ;)

      Of course we have both moved on. The mutual friends we had were her only friends at the time believe it or not, so I guess she must have made new friends then.

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  • Because of the exertion. When they were with you, they exerted everything they had into the relationship, hoping for a reward.

    Well, the reward (Which should be marriage) was not seen, in fact, it all fell apart.

    Why invest more precious energy into something they know will not work? Most people would rather run away, and never think about it, again, then return to a zero return investment.

    • It doesn't explain why one wouldn't talk to any of the friends we have shared though. I guess 'decentguy' is right, she's hiding something...

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    • It's less likely, first because I didn't hurt her (she left me).

      Secondly she is still Facebook friends with those friends and some of my family. Which should of course remind her of what was.

    • Often, things are not so black and white... Everyone is different. She could compartmentalize those friends, and only seek to deal with them on terms that do not remind her of you.

      It is obvious to me that you still feel something for her, or you would not be so confused.

      My advice is to be glad she is out of your life, because such a wishy washy, and self serving female will do you NO favors if you ever were to get serious with her.

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  • it could be possible that something has happened in her life that she dosen't want you or others to tell or she can't tell.

    • Very good plausible explanation!

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