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when my boyfriend and i broke up, we were still so touchy, and close. he tried to find solutions to fix it, but gave up. he says he'd rather see me hurt now than later on...

is it weird being touchy and close even during the breakup?
we kissed one last time and i gave him a kiss on the forehead before i left and parted ways...

what do you think of this situation? did i mean something to him?


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  • he still wants you, that's the most reasonable explanation.

    • but if he still wants me then why did he break up with me doesn't make sense

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    • i'll see.. alright thanks for your help :)

    • always happy to help

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  • How long did you guys date? if you're still touchy feely after/during a breakup, its obvious that you still have feelings. Why break up when you're still attracted to each other? :\

    • thats what i always thought... well from what i've gathered, he has commitment issues (thats been going on for ages, his parents are divorced when he was young so its fucked him up real bad), and i think he got a bit too attached than he allowed himself and realised his freedom was leaving him... he said that 'i can't juggle uni, work friends and you at the same time, i'd rather see you get hurt now than invest in it more and get more attached then get even more hurt'.

      we broke up a month ago, and i met up with him yesterday. it felt like nothing has changed (i was a bit quiet cause i was so overwhelmed), we were talking as usual, he picked me up for lunch, we tried somewhere new as we always do when we go for lunch, it was like the same. and he gave me a hug before i left and went back to work.

      i feel as though he still likes me but i dont want to seem weak to go back to him since he was the one that broke it off

    • That doesn't seem fully right. He wants to leave you because he can't juggle it all? Surely he left his friends then as well right, rather than just you? Keep your guard up. Tell him you smell bullshit with that excuse lmao. He either wants to be with you, or not. However, if he "dumps" yet still acts like y'all are nothing changed, it will cause you to get hurt more. I don't know what to think of the situation fully, it seems a bit sketch. D:

    • he was like i want to meet new people, but then he goes on about how what if he slept at mine every week to make things easier or some shit im like im so confused right now. he has commitment issues pretty much.

      i was thinking, what if he cheated on me... or has a new girl. but i met up with him yesterday, i dont think he would've agreed on that if he had a new girl.

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  • Hell no. Tell him he can't have it both ways. If he can't have a relationship, then he can't have your body either.

  • It sounds like he still likes you but got a feeling that you wanted to end things.

    • well when he explained as to why he was breaking up with me, i told him that if i wasn't happy in this relationship i would've ended it ages ago. i told him that this is going to be yOUR decisoin cause you're the one with the issue with it... then he was like 'well in this case...' then the next day he ended it cause he said he didn't want to hurt me more and he also started crying

    • I guess he broke up with you for other reasons other than his attraction to you and regrets it but feels like he had to do it. He gave you mixed signals and that's not fair to you or him

    • yeah.. i met up with him yesterday to catch up and stuff and it felt like the same but without kissing and touching obviously. but yeah it was like how we used to be, trying new places to eat for lunch, picking me up to go eat lunch etc. he gave me a hug before i left...

      i never knew ex's would give each other hugs

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