Am I a bad guy for making the decision to breakup?

I been dating this girl since the end of 2012. I broke up with my ex girlfriend for her because I thought money was more better. Well as we continue to date I started noticing she was a little on the crazy side. I had to stop her from taking pictures of me sleeping, eating, going to church, and me going to work, praying and etc. well me and my ex continued to talk and things became bad. The girl I just brokeup with kept pressuring me to get my number changed and for me to beat her and stop talking to her. I was getting phone calls on my job to leave because she sent someone to my previous ex girlfriend house to fight or she herself calling the police trying to force me to stop talking to my ex. Everytime I'm at work the police gets a call and drama unfold. I had to wait until she came back got her final leave before she deploy and it was difficult because my family was entirely too much involved in this relationship. The girl I just brokeup with actually paid me to go out with her. She wanted so much attention on Facebook I had to make another Facebook page just for her, still I was bearly logging in. She moved in with me and I basically had to raise her. Didn't nobody in my family actually knew who she was really was because they thought she was an angel and I was in love with her. I lied to everybody because my entire family was involved in my business. They was even speaking for me. The whole year she has been forcing me to get an order of protection on my previous girlfriend. Before she left she got my mom and family involved and got a warrant served within 24 hours for my previous girlfriend arrest. When she was here all I was dealing with was drama and her throwing commands. She even set me up to fight my ex because all my pictures of us was deleted at my request by my previous girl. My family was so involved and happy with her, it was hard to leave. She was more focused on my ex than her goals. She also was a heavy drinker. All she wanted was severe attention
For some odd reason she like to see bad things happen to people


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  • You obviously made the right choice to break up. If you were still with her crazier things would have happened. Don't blame this on yourself, this has really nothing to do with you. Maybe you should send her to a psychiatrist.


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