Ex left me for another guy but won't let me move on?

Me an my ex been having problem I been knowin her for 5year we dated for 1 she left me cuz how I treated her I took her for granted she love me an i love her she been stayin with a guy she calls her best friend an move out of my place, she been gone for 2 months an my feeling for her f all most gone, as of rite know she spending a week with me so know I'm confuse, she left me so why? She ask me who I had over my place an who I'm having sex with, she called me bae a few time she show signs of jealously an now mad at me cuz I'm not all over her any more nor do I show her much attention, she is a very attractive female that can really get any guy she want the guy she with know is not her type, so what I'm askin what should I do? my feeling for her r gone but not completely yes I wouldn't mind bring with her but she think I will not chance an she also told me she never had a guy like me I spoiled her, should I fight for her or leave her to b with the other guy


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  • You need to tell her to get out of her house. And move on from her. Don't give her the time of day. She's playing you for a fool. She has a boyfriend, yet she's concerned about you and has you do all these things for her. She sounds self centered and manipulative. And i say this because you still have feelings for and you're doing nice things for her, but she has boyfriend! It seems like she's enjoying having you wrapped around her finger, but aren't really able to have her. It's a game for her. She likes to feel wanted and in control, and right now you're falling for it.

  • She's playing you like a fiddle. Fucking him and still getting attention from you.


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