How do I get back a good bond/ friendship with someone?

Im about to move overseas for a job for at least a 1 year or 2 , but i have recently started communicating with my ex boyfriend i know obviously we can't get back together.. but i really want to form a strong bond again with him... My intentions right now because I still like him are to one day be together but in general it is because I use to be friends with him before we were together and I miss that. I was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to re form a bond with someone not necessarily to get back together.. He means a lot to me and I really miss how we were before we dated.. I just want to get rid of this awkward tension that is going on and feel comfortable again... Any suggestions or experiences? He said we need to break the ice how do you do this when you have a awkwardness around each other


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  • That's what I am trying to do with my ex. :P

    Ask him how he is doing. DON'T ASK HIM EVERYDAY THOUGH!!
    Ask how is his life going
    If he says something negative happen, comfort him.
    Try to be around him more. Don't try too hard.
    Congratulate his successes.
    Ask him to hang out about two weeks after doing all of this.


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