Coffee with the ex gf part 2 what does it mean?

I posted recently about how I was going to have coffee with my ex and how I was nervous and unsure of my feelings. I went to get coffee with her and it went well. Coffee went great conversation was easy and I was glad to see her. What was weird was that she asked if I was dating anyone and I responded no one special. Then when I had to go she asked if there was anything she could do to make me stay longer. These were both red flags to me because my friends told me not to do these things. So did she say it because she was genuinely concerned or is this a glimpse into her true feelings for me? I tried to ignore these subjects because we're supposed to be just friends now but is it possible that she regrets breaking up with me and wants me back? Or am I just looking too deeply and should just let this all go? Any girls ever done this or any guys experienced a reconnection with an ex? Anything helps please and thank you


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  • Considering the fact that you guys used to date, I don't think that you're looking into this too deeply. I think that she misses you and might be interested again.

    Im assuming you don't want to get back together for fear of backtracking?

    • When we broke she said she didn't love me anymore. i don't hold grudges I want her to be happy and if it isn't me I don't want to waste her time is all. I'm not afraid of backtracking I'm afraid that she'll be unhappy again.

    • Ohhh okay. Then just be weary, or you can just ask her.

  • She is still into you


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