Is our break up impossible to heal?

Okay so I have a question... my boyfriend and I were together for like almost a year and then as suddenly two days before he was supposed to see me he dumped me. Lemme give u some of our history... atm he lives in a different city than me but we'll be in the same town by the end of summer. we met freshman year of college and we hooked up and then we fell in love. Now I have a very bad past with men and he discovered tht through my "best friend" and we've been struggling with this because he is very insecure and can get jealous very easily and every time he acted controling I'd threaten to break up. We were doing good we'd talk it out and he changed a lot for me but every time I threaten to break up with him he would take it completely wrong and then it finally back fired and now I was being very needy at first but then I got a hold of myself and gave him a break for a week and I contacted him and he responded fast and we txted all day but today he ignored me after I said I'm glad we're just friends. I want him back because he was more than just a bf to me he was my best friend and i love him and he loved me he used to always tell me how much he loved me and wanted me in his life and I felt as if I took him for granted. My question is what can I do to get him back? And do you think he would?


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  • You both got issues and i see so much immaturity on both ends
    don't want be mature and have a loving long-term romance that
    results in many things, unless you two work on things than it's
    going to be the same shit but different days, he is very insecure
    and your very needy to have a man, your a freshman in college
    really when are going say well this isn't going any where now
    it's time to do something about it and make a change in your life

    • I've been working on myself through this whole relationship like I have my shit together and this is the first dude who didn't want to just sleep with me. And I'm in love with him I just didn't know how to fix arguments without threatening to break up I wasn't playing with his emotions I'd never want to hurt him cause I know how he is. But I want him back and I want to work out things with him but I feel like he's shutting me out and numbing any pain he feels. The day he broke up with me he was very indifferent.

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    • He just told me to stop texting him. I wasn't texting him like crazy or anything I'm soo confused I mean this is a guy who was madly in love with me and now he like shutting me out...

    • i hope things get better for you two i know it's easier said than done

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