Ever felt like the person you've been with is irreplaceable? and what did you after you lost him/her?

Hi, I'm wondering how many on here have been in a serious long relationship that had to end and felt like the person they've been with is irreplaceable..
If you got over it, how long did it take you and how do you feel now? what helped you get better?

What did you do*


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  • I am not completely over it. It has been about 6 or 7 month, however, I'm in the process. I'm constantly distracting myself with things that I like and new and interesting people. I've made new friends and also met someone who could be a potential partner. Although I am not rushing anything. He has helped with a lot of things and respects that I am not quite ready yet. He has also helped me make new memories to focus on. So I guess what I am saying is to find someone new or something new to focus on. Live life to the fullest as if you had cancer and didn't have very long to live. But don't do drugs or something stupid. -.-

    • Thanks for your sweet and thoughtful answer :) I'm sure I won't do drugs or anything like that. I'll try the things you said. Wish you all the best

    • I wish you the best as well.

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  • I'm a different person now, so what was irreplaceable then is very replaceable now. With that said, it's always sad saying good bye to someone you may still care about as a friend. It took me about a year to fully be okay with my decision.

  • I broke down and couldn't properly function. Couldn't eat or smile. I am an annoyingly attached person, to where although I like space that person is the only one for me and I won't even look for anyone else to replace them. People are individual, and the memories and feelings I have are as rare as they are. I don't believe in replacing anyone, it'd be like replacing a family member after they pass simply impossible. But it is possible to have a new love, a new relationship and new memories to make. You can only add chapters in your life- you can't truly delete pieces and edit it. Cherish what you had or have and don't regret it. If its gone then remember it made you who you are. I know this is next to impossible for me but still... Someday. I am living a story. I will not give up. Don't you give up either.

    • that was a very thoughtful answer, thank you. I'm definitely not giving up on life. Wish you all the best!

  • it took 2 years
    I just found peace in the fact that I got to know a person like this. Then I went out to meet a completely different person with a personality that I never experienced before.
    The best way is to make new memories (not just romantically) so you don't get hung up on old ones

  • I broke down and failed my semester of college. Every class. Now I have to transfer probably to a community college.

    • Wow, that sucks.. I'm sorry to hear that, but life always smiles back eventually, wish you all the best :)

    • Thank you

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