My ex wants to meet up - how should I handle this?

My ex has been showing interest and contacting me after breaking up with me over a month ago. He emailed me when I was on vacation and when I got back yesterday, he emailed me to say welcome back, can't wait to see your photos and hear all about it- let me know when you are in NYC again for your job and we can connect. I know its not to get laid - he just had a hernia operation so he can't have sex for a month! Is it safe to say that he might still have an interest? Should I ask him before we meet up? And when we meet, how should I act?


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  • Play it cool. Just let him ask you again when you will be available.

    • Ok. Does it sound like he's feeling me out, that he still has feelings?

    • I don't want to assume but there are guys who just want company and doesn't want commitment. Don't show him "yet" you're still interested or he will take you for granted.

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  • He misses you and just probably want to test out the waters again with you. Although I wouldn't put too much hope into it. Don't want to set yourself up for another heartache.


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