I feel stupid, I need advice - I spent most of my money on my EX? help?

When I was going out with my EX-Girlfriend (9 months ago), I use to take her out all the time, Buy her gifts, Surprise her, Fly over to her since she wasn't from my country and much more...

I was so in love with her I spent like $3,000 doing this for 6months, I caught her lying to me and on the girl time I ended things (She was flirting with her ex boyfriend) I looked through her messages and found out this but now I look like the bad guy checking up on her but I was right I knew something felt wrong.

I seen her in a pub a few weeks ago and 15mins later she left, She couldn't be around me.

I spent most of my money on her, I loved her so so much, I feel so stupid tho for wasting that amount of money and I need advice to cheer up or something, I've been down lately and I want to try an get over it.

Thanks so much for your TIME and EFFORT.


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  • Money doesn't buy love. You can buy her anything but if she doesn't love you, it's over. Maybe deep down yiu use money to keep her with you she out was done subconsciously.


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