Is ex trying to make me mad on Facebook?

I told him I needed a break about a month ago. He got really angry and called me some very nasty names, and told me he wasn't going to contact me again. 2 weeks later he contacted me to say he's talking to someone new now, although I guess he is still technically single. I told him good luck and that I hoped everything worked out with the new girl, and we haven't talked anymore.

He hasn't deleted me off of social media. My news feed is littered with cutesy back and forth between him and this new girl, constant happy posts, profile pic changes, and dramatic "so glad I moved on" quotes and stuff like that. Why is he doing this? Do I just ignore this childish behavior?


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  • Delete him and that will be that.


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  • Why you would need a break. in my opinion it's not normal to take a break in relationship. Either break up for forever or don't break up at all. I would tell your act is weird here and he normally reacted on it. What would you say if he is going to break up for just a month?

    Mika J.


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  • That's pretty childish... You must've meant a lot to him. Block and/or delete him off social media and that will be that


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