Ex girlfriend's website got hacked (she's a part time freelance designer)... should I let her know? Trying to refrain from contact?

I broke up with my long time girlfriend about 3 weeks ago. Before we broke up she was working on a new website for me. We agreed during that breakup that she would finish the website and I would pay her a little money for it.

Today I went to her website to see if she was showcasing the design job she did for me. I then discovered that her entire website has been hacked by some crazy Bangladeshis. Seriously the entire website has changed and it's even playing some weird kind of music file.

I've been trying to avoid unnecessary contact with her... but I've slipped a few times in the last couple weeks (she has not involuntarily contact me about anything... besides a response to my questions). If I inform her about her website it will look like I'm cyber investigating (or stalking... cough... cough..) her. However I was really just curious if she was showcasing my new website.

Should I notify her about this?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think that you should tell her even though you may not want to really talk to her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, do tell her. Just because you broke up, doesn't mean you can't be nice people to eachother :P


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