How do you know when to break up with someone or when to work things out?

Lately I've been both happy and unhappy in my relationship. When I'm not happy I want to break up with him but when we're happy, we are really good together.

We get into fights. By fights I mean I do something he doesn't like and he gets frustrated with me and backs away. They're over the stupidest things. Like he wants me to change my internet provider because I can get a cheaper deal but I don't want to do that until after my contract is up. He got really upset that I didn't do what he wanted. It's just really small things like that. At leadt they seem small to me

How do you know when it's time to end things or when you should work on things?
I should also mention we've been dating for close to 2 years and he wasn't like this before but has been lately


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