Does my ex-boyfriend care about our break up? why/how is he moving on so quickly? do guys even feel heartbreak and emotions?

so me and my boyfriend where together for just under 10 months which is a long time when you are 15/16. he was a really great guy when i was with him, and he was different when he was alone with me or when we where with a few of our close friends. but he has a 'laddish' rowdy group of mates whose only intentions is to compete against eachother for the amount of girls they shag/get with/do stuff with but he was different. then after 10 months we broke up which left me devastated because we where both really happy but it was a mutual break up and for the right reasons. but a few days after we ended it, he tried to get with one of my friends at a party, and now he's meeting and texting random girls to have sex with. i was with him and a group of friends a few days ago and he was acting so 'lad' by commenting at every girl which he saw, saying 'oh i'd bang that' / 'look at that milf' / 'lush rack' / 'shes so hot' etc AND keeps flirting horrifically with all my friends!! i can never remember him being like that before and during our relationship, he was always so nice, respectful and caring. i know how happy he was when we first got together because he had liked me for 2 whole years previously and for goodness sake he said he was in love with me!! now its like he doesn't care/ isn't hurting as much as i am/ didn't care for me at all? can someone please help and maybe make me feel better


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  • I can tell you for a fact that guys do feel heartbreak. I dated a girl for one month and when I found out that she was getting with other guys, it hurt me so much. She was the first person that I actually had feelings for. But I got over her and im happy right now.

    But anyway your ex may just be trying to hide the way he feels in front of you. When in reality, he's hurting just as much as you are. That would explain his behavior with other girls. The guy needs to grow up and stop acting so immature.

    Things eventually get better, I promise. Good luck, you'll find someone better!


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  • Guys feel heartbreaks, trust me on this as I am going through one right now after being dumped. Two reasons as to why he is attacking this way, one being that he generally isn't hurting as much because he may have lost feelings for you during the relationship or he is trying to hide it from you and could be in pain.

  • Yes we feel it, I was with an ex for 5 years, when we split, it was hell for me. Months and months I had a hole in my chest that would not go away. There is no way right way to get over it though. Some people move on quicker some don't. Right now I'm on the verge of breaking up with my current gf, I don't want to, but she is pushing me away. I've tried to solve the issues a hard an long as I could. Nothing is fixed. I feel it now with her because I know I don't want to but must. Believe me, guys feel pain. I am now


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