I'm so confused right now I don't know if I should believe him or what?

I have got a problem here last year I met this guy from the gym, we liked each other so we decided to date well we did for some few months. we lacked communication and things started geting sour (I liked the guy) so when he started ignoring me I was so hurt but I didn't go after him so now he comes back to me on one of the social networks telling me that "he misses me, he is sorry for what he did". oh by the way he also told me why he lost contact with me it because HE impregnated some lady.
So I'm confused he want to live he's baby mama for me or he just likes me for real?
He asked for a second chance, should I give it to him?
I have never heard him saying the word love but now he is saying he loves me and he want to iron things with me so should I believe him?
Sorry for the essay


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  • NO. You guys were dating. He had a commitment and he failed. Once a cheater, always cheater.
    Tell him, "Why don't you go to the girl you got preggos while we were DATING"
    I would kick his ass.
    You can do better!


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