Big problem with ex gf at work who's fault is this?

I work with this girl , which is my ex , we don't work at groups but sometimes we are in the same team. any way I told her a week ago that I don't have feelings for her and am happy now with my life she went mad at me so I ignored her she has a bf too. any way yesterday we were in the same working group , and I had some work stuff to do and she had to continue dong it after me gone , I did my work and there is some stuff left to be done , I know I should do it I had no problem but I went to finish some other more important stuff , any she returned and find out some of the crap ain't done. on my way back to do it she told me what the fuck is this? where the fuck have you been it's your job to it and she was shouting at me ,,,, I stopped like 2 secs my brain stopped functioning a volcano and I went ape on her I told you fucking bitch how dare you fucking screaming at me for no fucking reason who the fuck you thing you are you lazy scum bag shut your mouth and back off and never ever do this fucking shit again.. so she started to shout at me and stuff then the supervisor came so I went any way I threatened her that am goanna file a complain at her she told me if am goanna file a complain she is goanna send her bf to beat my ass I told her well send the fucker am goanna brake his face ! . who's fault is this I didn't want to loss my temper i never do not a work ! but the only thing I can't understand in this world an arrogant piece of carp who wants to project her miserable life upon me !!! just for the sport of it


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  • Her fault :P
    File a report against her. She screamed and berated you.
    Be chill. Don't get angry again. If they confront you, laugh and say, "why waste my voice on a worthless person?".
    And don't fret about the boyfriend. Don't kick his ass though. He can sue you or worse.


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