Ex-boyfriend doing drugs, don't want to see him hit rock bottom?

By ex and i broke up (were together for 4-5 years) for what i thought were the right reasons but still love each other very much, he started seeing another chick which i ended up accepting and just want him to be happy.

however i have never seen her i am told that she looks like a massive druggy, he has smoked weed forever and did a little of other stuff but never daily usually monthly which i was never happy with and he use to say it wasn't his, I'm now worried he's doing hard drugs (meth/ice) with and because of his new girlfriend but not 100% sure, all i know is he's in a lot of debt and is paying most of the bills for his gf because she doesn't work, he also has health problem (which i use to help him with)

His family are very conservative and i get along great with his parents but they want nothing to do with his problem, which leads me to a couple of questions, because I'm hoping he isn't but I'm not sure, i don't want him to reach rock bottom as it took him a year to get on him feet due to the health problems (which i helped)

Can i help him or is it best to leave him to figure it out?
How can i know for sure since he lies to me about little things (such has driving past my work or seeing people we know)?
How can i tell him I'm here for him without being over bearing?
How can i show him he's gf is not good for him?
OR see what he is doing to himself?


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  • I would try. I've been there before just my advice is this, try and help if you find it falls on deaf ears don't bother- that may sound hard but being an ex addict you have to want to quit for yourself it doesn't matter how many people want to help you or how many times your told to get off it. It comes from within


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  • even if you feel for him there's only one thing that can help him. a drug clinic

  • The sad truth is people sometimes have to hit their own bottoms. nothing anyone can do or say will change it and in some cases hitting a very low bottom is the best thing to happen to someone short of death and prison


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  • What your EX does is not your concern. He is a big boy and you let to let go. I detect codependency here


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