Whether to confront or not after a totally uncalled for breakup?

so this guy n I were dating n we seemed to b doing good... we had a lot of fun. he even asked me to move in with him, which I thought was too soon n now I think I was right.. but I visited him every time I could.. so it happened that we couldn't meet for a month coz my parents were in town. I noticed a change in his behaviour so I asked him directly if there was a problem.. he decided to breakup over an sms saying he was getting married n there were family issues (Indian society). He said it was hard for him too but there was nothing he could do (this too on sms). I wanted to talk to him once about it but he seems to neglect me whatsoever... but this thing keeps bothering me and I feel like I need to confront him when my friends seem to think otherwise... please contribute... I'm miserable here.
PS: I know the guy is a douche.. I'm just saying will it be good for my satisfaction.. and I don't care what he thinks of me barging in on him coz I asked him nicely plenty of times.
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very gud points people... any views about getting a closure in this case?


Most Helpful Girl

  • In my wise experience in matters dealing with all kinds of relationships, this One is definitely One that wasn't meant to be. It appears you were in this LDR, and if he says he was'getting married' is telling me he had This Other half, closer to him, on the sidelines while he was with you. Either that or just an excuse to say so long.
    Knowing the 'Indian society' as I do, it may have been Someone, if this were all true, that his parents had arranged for him. No matter, he has told you how he feels, and with mom and dad coming into town when they did, he made it Convenient to 'SMS' all his intentions and Info to you. Cold, but true.
    No, contact isn't what I would advise at this point. What's the point? You have all your answers, he is putting you on his pay no mind list, and your so-called 'Closure' should be: Move on, find someone nearer to your home and heart when you have licked your wounds and are able to go out and love again.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly, I'd just let it go and move on. I don't see what you'd stand to gain, other than voicing your displeasure to him. I'd just text him back telling him that he's a douche, and I'd be done with him.


What Girls Said 3

  • I don't think it was right of him to go about it the way he did. But I will say this. Family and culture can be very important to people, sometimes to the point of behavior such as this (not justifying what he did, just an observation). He may even have done this through SMS because not talking about it helped him distance himself from you in this tough situation. Confronting him might give you some closure, but it could also tug your heartstrings even more.

    It's a really crappy toss up.

  • i would remove ALL signs of him in my life and move on. life's too short to waste on people who don't deserve it

  • Text him telling him you just got tested at the clinic and to let him know you passed on hiv or herpes ;) that'll temporarily shake him up for being a douche and its better satisfaction than yelling at him for a few minutes and looking like a crazy ex


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