Break up during travel- why hasn't he replied?

I broke up with my long distance boyfriend almost a month ago while I have been backpacking solo around the states. Before I started travelling we talked every day without fail through messaging and we would Skype call every 3 days. We did have some arguments here and there but we managed to solve our issues. However when we started arguing while I was travelling the problems weren't being resolved due to the time difference and limited wifi and call time. Our fights lasted for a week and it took a toll on both of us. I was really unhappy and he refused to even want to solve our issues and just wanted to act all happy again. I tried to do that thinking we could resolve our issues when I return home but I just couldn't pretend to think everything was ok. During our last fight I said I was too unhappy and couldn't keep feeling like this while I'm travelling. I said that I couldn't do this anymore and said I wanted to break up. All he said was if that's what you want. After the phone call I blocked him on fb. I tried breaking up with him twice before while on this trip but we kept talking and kept arguing so this time I wanted a clean break. I know it was harsh of me but no contact meant no more fighting which he said stressed the hell out of him and me so I feel so much better now.

I emailed him a week later apologising for the harshness of the break up and explained him why I blocked him (I also unblocked him). I also said that I still respect him and would like to be friends only if he wants to and suggested that if he wants to talk then we can once I return home. It's been a month now since I emailed him and he hasn't replied. I will be back home in 2 weeks time.

I'm not sure whether the lack of reply means he doesn't want to talk to me or if he might be waiting to talk when I get home (he knows the date). I feel like our fights occured during an awkward period of time while I was travelling and they were probably solvable had we had the time to talk.


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  • You broke up with and blocked him. This is the third time you've broken up too, he's just done with the fighting and has probably moved on by now. Your relationship is not healthy, you need to move on too


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  • You broke up. He's moving on, and has no interest in talking to you.

    That's what breaking up means. I don't know why girls think they can break up and still have access to the talking part of the relationship.


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